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Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
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List of past speakers 2000 - present

This list is a work in progress. Some changes may be made and dates added as they become available.

Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/10/2019 Kelly Blumenthal Galaxies: From Observations to Simulations February 2019
2/14/2019 Camille Carlisle Black Holes March 2019
3/14/2019 Hugh Blair-Smith "Left Brains for the Right Stuff: Computers, Space, and History April 2019
4/11/2019 Calvin Leung Testing Quantum Mechanics with Cosmic Photons on the Canary Islands May 2019
5/9/2019 Dr. George R. Ricker Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Update June 2019
6/13/2019 Kelly Beatty Library Telescope Program and Stonehenge July 2019
7/11/2019 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Alan Sliski - Eclipse Expedition to CTIO in Chile
  • Cory Mooney - OnStep: GoTo Mount Conversion
  • George Roberts - Bath Interferometer
  • Rich Nugent - Lunar Observing: Revisting an Old Friend
September 2019
9/12/2019 Al Takeda Deep Sky Imaging using a DSLR October 2019
10/12/2019 Dr. Peter Vereš Current State of the Planetary Defense November 2019
11/14/2019 Dr. JJ Hermes When the referee lets you name your stars December 2019
12/12/2019 Babak Tafreshi A Thousand Nights Under Stars January 2020
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/11/2018 Richard Nugent "Observing Satellites" February 2018
2/8/2018 Kevin Collins "Journey Into Totality" March 2018
3/8/2018 Andrew Chael "Imaging a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope" April 2018
4/12/2018 Dr. Mark J. Reid "Mapping the Milky Way" May 2018
5/10/2018 Alan Hirshfeld "From Backyard to Mountaintop: The Adventures of History's Best Worst Telescope" June 2018
6/14/2018 Kelly Beatty "Mysterious Mars" July 2018
7/12/2018 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Rich Nugent - description of a virtual counterweight he's using on his 20-inch Dob
  • James Synge - Project PANOPTES update
  • Corey Mooney - 3D printing, sand casting aluminum parts, and using a wide field CMOS camera to augment binocular outreach
September 2018
9/13/2018 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Julie Kaufmann - "My eclipse experiences"
  • Outreach program
    • Glenn Chaple - "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hosting Star Parties"
    • Rich Nugent and Laura Sailor - "ATMoB Outreach and Star Parties"
October 2018
10/11/2018 Dr. Jennifer Burt Discovering New Worlds with TESS November 2018
11/8/2018 Rich Sanderson A Half Century of Cosmic Spectacles: My Personal Top-10 List December 2019
12/13/2018 Dr. Stella Kafka Variable Stars and their Stories  January 2019
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/12/2017 Tim Brothers "Wallace at 45: Charting a Course for the Future" February
2/9/2017 canceled due to snow storm March
3/9/2017 Dr. Douglas Arion "'Are We Special?' Engaging the Public with Astronomy and Nature Education April
4/13/2017 Kevin Collins "13 inch Coulter Odyssey I Turned Ultra Compact Project" May
5/11/2017 Kelly Beatty "Adventures in Chile: 24/7" June
6/8/2017 W. Lowell Putnam "The Lowell Observatory: Past, Present, and Future" July
7/13/2017 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Al Takeda - abbreviated version of Stellafane talk "Imaging the Great American Total Solar Eclipse"
  • Mario Motta - how to safely observe the total solar eclipse
  • Julie Sage - "Cubes in Space", a science program for students 11-18 years old
  • Jim Mahoney - how to configure an iPhone or iPad for red screen mode
  • Alan Sliski - restoration and relocation of a 36-inch Boller and Chivens telescope built in 1965
9/14/2017 ATMoB member night Member presentations - The Great American Total Solar Eclipse
  • Bernie Volz and Mario Motta - Club trip to Columbia, MO
  • Phil Levine - eclipse photos from the ATMoB Clubhouse
  • Arianna Roberts - summary of the Citizen CATE Project
  • Maria Batista - total solar eclipse as viewed from Ocean Lake, WY
  • Bruce Berger - Sky & Telescope trip to Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • Michael Brown - solar eclipse from Madras, OR
  • Alan Sliski - solar eclipse from Salem, OR
10/12/2017 Tom Calderwood "Building the One Hundred Inch Telescope - In Boston" November
11/9/2017 Tom Lepisto and Jean LeVaux "Howard LeVaux in Antarctica with IGY - 1959-1960" December
12/14/2017 Peter Scherff "Meteorites 101: What they are, where they come from & how we find them" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/14/2016 ATMoB member night "Member Presentations Night
  • Al Takeda - detailed description of the facilities at the ATMoB Clubhouse in Westford
  • Bob Naeye - recent visits to the Mount Wilson, Griffith and Palomar Observatories, and the California Science Center
  • Dick Koolish, Alan Sliski, and Ken Launie - summary of the Antique Telescope Society's (ATS) visit to the Lick (California (CA)), Chabot (CA), Stanford Solar (CA), Yerkes (Wisconsin) and Leiden (Netherlands) observatories
2/11/2016 Babak Tafreshi "The World At Night" March
3/10/2016 Marc Stowbridge "The New Hampshire Astronomical Society Library Telescope Program" April
4/14/2016 Steve Nadis "From the Great Wall to the Great Collider: China and the Quest to Uncover the Inner Workings of the Universe" May
5/12/2016 Michael Rudenko "Minor Planet Center Operations" June
6/9/2016 Bob Naeye "Gravitational Wave Update" July
7/14/2016 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Alan and Aaron Sliski - overview of the redeployment of the AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS) telescope system
  • Phil Levine - photos from an ATMoB public outreach star party on Nantucket
  • Mario Motta - update on a Harvard-Smithsonian (CfA) research project measuring the light curve of the disintegrating planetoid orbiting the white dwarf, WD1145+017
9/8/2016 Michael O'Shea "#popscope Observing Outreach Program" October
10/13/2016 Jim Zebrowski "The Real Martian: Earth Explores the Red Planet" November
11/10/2016 Peter Tyson "The Making of Sky and Telescope Magazine" December
12/8/2016 Andrew Vanderburg "The Story of WD 1145+017 - Destruction of an Exoplanet" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/8/2015 Glenn Chaple "Visual Observing of Variable Stars - An Addict's Story" February
2/12/2015 Dr. Michael Clarage "Understanding the Electric Sun Model, The Earth's Electrical Environment, and Electric Double Layers in Astronomy" March
3/12/2015 Dr. Daniel Eisenstein "Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound" April
4/9/2015 Li Zeng "Uncovering the Chemistry of Earth-Like Planets" May
5/14/2015 Dr. Ryan Allured "X-Ray Observatories & Optics" June
6/11/2015 ATMoB member night Annual meeting and member presentations
  • Mario Motta - 3rd International Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) conference held in Quebec
  • Bernie Voltz - updated the membership on the upcoming 2017 eclipse trip
  • Penny Lucinian - personal radio astronomy project
  • John Sheff - New Horizons planet Pluto mission
7/9/2015 Norman Sperling "Development of the Astroscan Wide-Field Newtonian" September
9/10/2015 Alan Sliski "Restoration of a 1916 Warner & Swasey Telescope" October
10/8/2015 Glenn Chaple "Astro Humor, with Glenn Chaple" November
11/12/2015 Kelly Beatty "Pluto's Amazing Story" December
12/10/2015 Dr. Stella Kafka "Type Ia Supernova Progenitors" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/9/2014 Professor Karin Öberg "Icy Origins: Snowlines During Star and Planet Formation" February
2/13/2014 March
3/13/2014 Professor Max Tegmark "Our Mathematical Universe" April
4/10/2014 Dr. Justin Kasper "Solar Probe Plus and SWEAP" May
5/8/2014 Monica Young "Black Holes and the Beast in Our Galaxy" June
6/12/2014 ATMoB member night Member presentations: "History Of the ATMoB"
  • Anna Hillier - "Our Quest for the Perfect Clubhouse"
  • John Reed - past thirty years since we acquired our then "dark sky site" in rural Westford, MA
  • Paul Valleli - growth of amateur astronomy at the present Clubhouse
7/10/2014 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • Mike Hill - talk on his 4 1/4" reflector rebuild
  • Bruce Berger - update on our ATMoB Research and Imaging Observatory (ARIO)
  • Steve Clougherty - reconstruction and installation of the 25 inch Dobsonian which is in the "Ed Knight" roll off observatory
  • Nick Bealo - observatory he built for his high school
  • Paul Valleli - "ATMoB participation in Operation Moonwatch"
9/11/2014 ATMoB members "ATMoB's Direction Checkpoint Workshop" October
10/9/2014 Dr. Peter Fritschel "LIGO and Gravitational Waves & Detection" November
11/13/2014 Dr. Arne Henden "Variable Star Observing" December
12/11/2014 Dr. Kelly E. Korreck "Resolving the Sun's Hot Corona: High Resolution Solar Imaging in the Extreme Ultraviolet" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/10/2013 Dr Bradley Thomson "Results of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)" February
2/14/2013 Dr. Arne Henden "Measuring the Unknown Universe" March
3/14/2013 Dr. Taylor Perron "Rain, Rivers and the Icy Landscape of Titan" April
4/11/2013 Dr. Leon Golub "A New View of the Solar Corona" May
5/9/2013 Professor Jonathan E. Grindlay "DASCH: Back t o the Future with the Harvard Plates" June
6/13/2013 Jeffrey Dominick "Haystack, Historically Speaking" July
7/11/2013 ATMoB member night "Member Night
  • Mike Hill - telescope making project
  • James Chamberlain - astrophotography on a modest budget
  • Bruce Berger - ARIO (ATMoB Research and Imaging) Observatory which is nearing completion
  • John Sheff - his website (, information source about astronomy events in Boston
  • Jim Gettys - CCD chip design
  • Dick Koolish - ATMoBs participation in the June 21st Summer Solstice Festival held at Harvard Univ.
9/12/2013 Mario Motta "A Day in the Life of a 32 Inch Telescope Mirror" (Italian trip to install mirror at the Schiaparelli Observatory) October
10/10/2013 Glenn Chaple "Double Stars" November
11/14/2013 Dr. Thomas Dame "Big Science with "Mini" Telescopes: Mapping the Galaxy from NYC, Cambridge, and Chile" December
12/12/2013 Dr. Nelson Caldwell "A Multi-Color Examination of the Andromeda Galaxy" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/12/2012 Dr. Steve Leman "Searching for the Universe from Iron Mine" February
2/9/2012 ATMoB member night Member’s presentations and swap night
  • Bob Naeye - report with slides of a trip to Chile held on September 21-29, 2011
  • Virginia Renehan - report on the Starlab Observatory (given to the ATMOB by the MIT Kavli Institute)
  • Gerry Sussman - work done on the Schupmann telescope by Eric Johansson, John Blomquist, Phil Rounseville, and himself
  • Mike Hill - how to make a mirror in a small apartment kitchen
  • Ken Launie - the Steward Mirror Lab of The University of Arizona
  • Alan Sliski - upgrade to a private observatory in Dover MA
3/8/2012 Professor Alyssa Goodman "Interstellar Gas and Star Formation with Data Visualization" April
4/12/2012 Dan Falk "In Search of Time" May
5/10/2012 Robert Naeye "Transits of Venus" June
6/14/2012 Timothy Barker "Sky Pollution Rejection Filters and What They Reveal About Nebulae" July
7/12/2012 ATMoB member night Member presentations & swap night
  • James Chamberlain - solar scopes and projection arrangements for viewing the transient of Venus 6/5
  • Bruce Berger - light weight optics
  • Mario Motta - medical effects of light pollution
  • Tom Calderwood - travel telescope
  • Bruce Tinkler - observation of the Transient of Venus in Alaska
9/13/2012 Dennis diCicco "A Mosaic of the Hydrogen Sky" October
10/11/2012 Dr Bob Kirshner "Measuring Supernovae Distances" November
11/8/2012 Jim Hand "American Triumph: Project Apollo" December
12/13/2012 ATMoB member night Australia 11/13/13 solar eclipse presentations
  • Jerry and Julie Sussman
  • Kelly Beatty
  • Bob Naeye
  • Mario Motta
  • Bernie Volz
  • AL Takeda
  • Howard Levaux
  • Bert Halstead
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/14/2011 Dr. Mark Bautz "Probing the Universe with Galaxy Clusters: New Windows from New Technologies" February
2/10/2011 ATMoB member night Member presentations and swap night
  • Mario Motta - "Italian Observatories"
  • Mike Hill - "The New ATMoB Workshop"
  • Neil Fleming, Bruce Berger, Glenn Chaple - "ATMoB Observing Awards Program"
  • Bernie Volz - "Total Solar Eclipse Trip Update"
3/10/2011 Dr. Giovanni Fazio "Viewing the Universe with Infrared Eyes: The Spitzer Space Telescope" April
4/14/2011 Dr. Sean Andrews "Protoplanetary Disks and the Hunt for the Yougnest Exoplanets" May
5/12/2011 Tom Calderwood "An Astronomer Reads Thoreau" June
6/9/2011 Bob Naeye "The Origin of Everything: How Things Got to Be the Way They Are Right Now" July
7/14/2011 ATMoB member night Members presentations
  • Joseph Rothchild - Bushnell Ares 5" Travel Telescope
  • Mario Motta and Kelly Beatty - outdoor lighting and the International Dark Sky (IDA) standards
  • Mario Motta - silvering of his 3" mirror
9/8/2011 Tom Field "Real-Time Spectroscopy for Amateur Astronomers" October
10/13/2011 Dr Alan Guth "Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse?" November
11/10/2011 Christopher Stubbs "The Dark Energy Crisis and its impact on Fundamental Physics" December
12/8/2011 Dr. Shep Doeleman "The Event Horizon Telescope: Observing Black Holes with Schwarzschild-Radius Resolution" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/14/2010 Ruben Kier "Best Targets for Astrophotography and What They Reveal About Our Universe" February
2/11/2010 ATMoB members Member presentation "Show and Tell"
  • Mike Hill - building a 10-inch Newtonian, that was portable and on an equatorial fork mount
  • Tom Calderwood - volunteering at the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket
  • Gerry Sussman - involvement with Eric Johansson in "making the 6-inch Schupmann actually work"
  • Mario Motta - recent modifications on his 32-inch, f/6 relay telescope
3/11/2010 Sara Seager "Exoplanets and the Search for Habitable Worlds" April
Dr. Peter McCullough techniques used to search for extrasolar planets, McCullough’s own XO planet project and how amateurs can assist the professionals in this field May
5/13/2010 Bob Naeye "Twenty Years in Space: The Hubble Space Telescope’s Greatest Achievements" June
6/10/2010 Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano "Supernovae, Lensing, and Other Transient Phenomena: What we learn from space, from the ground, and from theory" July
7/8/2010 ATMoB member night Member presentations and swap night
  • Chuck Evans - the observatory he built at his house
  • Mike Hill and Steve Clougherty - the functional completion of the Clam Shell Observatory at the clubhouse
  • Tom Calderwood - his time as an astronomy volunteer at Acadia National Park in Maine
  • Mario Motta - an update on his Wingaersheek Observatory
9/9/2010 Dr. Anna Frebel "Stellar Archaeology: New Science With Old Stars" October
10/14/2010 Julio Vannini "Astronomy in a Small Nation" November
11/11/2010 Tom Murphy "Einstein, the Moon, and the Long-lost Soviet Lunar Rover: Testing Gravity with Lasers to the Moon" December
12/9/2010 Dr. Grant H. Stokes "Discovering Near-Earth Asteroids" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/8/2009 Peter Cheimets Solar b XRT: The design and development of the X-Ray telescope for Hinode February
2/12/2009 Dr. Russell F. Pinizzotto, PhD The Colors of Stars March
3/12/2009 ATMoB member night Member presentations: "Show and Tel"l and swap table
  • Paul Valleli - progress on his backyard observatory
  • Mike Hill -10-inch Newtonian project
  • Tom Janzen - digital astrophotography with a camera placed upon a German equatorial mount
  • Dick Koolish - construction of a sundial at Robbins Park
  • Mario Motta - impromptu presentation showing images from his visit to Alan Delman's home in Arizona
4/9/2009 Robert Benoit Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) May
5/14/2009 Robert Naeye Mars in 3D! June
6/11/2009 Dr. James Elliot Occultations by Kuiper Belt Objects July
7/9/2009 ATMoB member night Member presentations & Mini-swap meet
  • Bruce Berger - update on the Clubhouse workshop
  • Peter Bealo- Science Museum in London opening a new exhibit called "Cosmos & Culture: How Astronomy has Shaped Our World"
  • Ken Launie - talk on E.C. Pickering, astronomer and director of Harvard Observatory received an anonymous donation of $20,000, known as "The Gift of 1902"
9/10/2009 Marica Bartusiak "The Day We Discovered the Universe" October
10/8/2009 Jay Cross "State of the Art Astronomy Circa 1540" November
11/12/2009 Gary Jacobson, Bernie Volz, John Briggs, Paul Valleli and Bruce Berger "The Occulation of Kuiper Belt Object 55636" reports from Mike Person of MIT and 5 ATMoB members who attempted to capture data from the occultation of the Kuiper Belt asteroid KB55636 on October 9, 2009" December
12/10/2009 Patricia Udomprasert WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors Program January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/10/2008 Dr. Charles Lada "The Search for Stellar Origins from Antiquity to the 21st Century" February
2/14/2008 E. Samuel Palmer history of the discovery of interstellar molecular clouds and his work using Harvard Observatory's millimeter-wave radio telescope on the roof above the Philips auditorium. March
3/13/2008 Dr. William Waller "At Home Among the Galaxies" April
4/10/2008 Dr. Warren R. Brown Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center May
5/8/2008 Dr. Sara Schechner "The Adventures of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and a Sundial: Astronomy, Mathematics, and Power at the Time of Jamestown" June
6/12/2008 Dr. Alan Marscher "Jets from Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei" July
7/10/2008 ATMoB member night Member presentations and flea market
  • Mario Motta - 32 inch relay telescope
  • John Boudreau - planetary images
  • John Sheff - NASA's planetary missions
9/11/2008 Robert Naeye NASA's Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST), recently renamed FERMI Gamma Ray Space Telescope October
10/9/2008 Dr. Arne Henden "Amateur Contributions in the Era of Surveys" November
11/13/2008 Ken Launie history of the telescope as well as reports from conferences celebrating the 400th anniversary December
12/11/2008 Dr. Jonathan McDowell Fifty years ago: The birth of NASA, 1958 January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/11/2007 Jim Foy (NSAAC) and John Boudreau (ATMoB) astro-imaging February
2/8/2007 Dr. Dan Fabricant The Giant Magellan Telescope - description and its scientific mission. March
3/8/2007 Dr. Daniel W.E. Green "The History of the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams" April
4/12/2007 Dr. Katharine Reeves Solar Flare Observations Using the X-ray Telescope on Hinode May
5/10/2007 Dr. A. Anthony Stark "AST/RO and SPT: A Tale of Two Telescopes on the Antarctic Plateau" June
6/14/2007 Bob Crelin and NELPAG Light pollution and amateur astronomers.Discussion of current issues and efforts in the fight against outdoor light trespass/glare and against outdoor over-lighting July
7/12/2007 ATMoB member night Member presentations / Flea Market
  • Virginia Renehan - read a message from ATMoB member Haldun Menali. He and Dick Parker (Hartford Club) are in Turkey putting on a mirror making workshop
  • Dave Wilber - visit to the Mount Wilson Observatory
  • Al Takeda - discussion of astrophotography with Canon 20D digital SLR
  • Mike Hill - cleaning up and refurbishing the attic at the ATMoB clubhouse
  • John Boudreau - showed a few of his astrophotography images
  • Paul Valleli - Hubble image mosaic of Eta Carina and new 24 inch Richey-Cretien telescope at the Maria Mitchelle Observatory in Nantucket
  • Fred Ward - new dome to replace his current one
  • Bruce Berger presented a 30 second movie of the trial assembly that they performed in Fred's garage
9/13/2007 Neil Fleming Astrophotography talk highlighting some of his images October
10/11/2007 Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger "How to Spot a Pale Blue Dot in the Night Sky - Signatures of Life on Extrasolar Planets" November
11/8/2007 Dr. Robert A. Gonsalves "Phase Diversity Imaging: Real Time Correction of the Atmosphere and Telescope" December
12/13/2007 canceled due to snow storm January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/12/2006 Dennis Di Cicco, Edwin Aquirre, and Imelda Joson Total Solar Eclipses and the March 29th Eclipse February
2/9/2006 Dr. David Latham "The Search for Habitable Planets" March
3/9/2006 Dr. Leon Golub "Observing the X-ray Sun" April
4/13/2006 ATMoB member night Member presentations - total solar eclipse - Egypt, Turkey and Libya
  • Al Takeda - Al-Salloum sun and eclipse photos
  • Mario Motta - Egypt expedition travelogue
  • Ken Launie - Egyptian expedition member pictures and Egyptian life
  • Bert Halstead - Egyptian eclipse and pyramids
  • Bob Naeye - Lybia with Sky and Telescope
  • Paul Valleli - post eclipse image processing
  • John Boudreau - planetary pictures
  • Post meeting presentations:
    • Jun Lao (Ohio)
    • Sal LaRiccia
    • Howard LeVaux
5/11/2006 Mario Motta and Scot Milligan "The Wingaersheek Observatory and Telescope" June
6/8/2006 Joshua Semeter "Optical Remote Sensing of the Aurora Borealis" July
7/13/2006 Mr. Robert Benoit Robert Benoit - optical systems design and fabrication for aerospace applications
Member presentations
  • Paul Valleli - 11-minute video of Mario Motta being interviewed about light pollution
  • Mario Motta - 32 inch assembly and first light with images
  • Ross Barrow - Linkeos software and his 1st attempts at astrophotography
  • Bob Naeye - 2 presentations
    1. Pollex has a planet that is 2.5 Jupiter's and has 590 day orbit.
    2. A paper in the journal Nature with proposal by the Univ. of Colorado and Northrop/Grummand to fly a mission to take a spectrum to find earth sized planets
9/14/2006 Jim and Rhoda Morris Making of Galileo's Telescopes October
10/12/2006 Dr. Hale Bradt "The Instrumental Life of An X-Ray Astronomer: Chasing Neutron Stars and Black Holes" November
11/9/2006 Dr. Owen Gingerich "Planet Peril in Prague: What Happened to Pluto" December
12/14/2006 Dr. Max Tegmark "The History of Our Universe in One Hour" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/13/2005 Dr. Michael Mallary "Our Improbable Universe. The Evolution of Primordial Energy into Mind" February
2/10/2005 ATMoB members Swap meet and member presentations
  • Lew Gramer - Texas Star Party
  • Mario Motta - new house/observatory and 32" glass blank
  • Bob Naeye - update on the Huygens probe and landing on Titan
3/10/2005 Dr. Arne Henden "The Amateurs Role in Professional Astronomy" April
4/14/2005 Steven Hunt doing research on meteors on the Atoll of Kwajalein May
5/12/2005 David Charbonneau June
5/12/2005 Bob Naeye search for extra-solar planets, and the acceleration of their discoveries
6/9/2005 Todd Gross "The Weather, how it affects our observing and imaging" July
7/14/2005 ATMoB member night Member presentations
  • David Aucoin - Planetary Nebula's (not in July newsletter in meeting recap)
  • Mario Motta presented by Scott Milligan - Update on the 32" telescope project
  • Bruce Berger - Internet access from the clubhouse
  • Paul Valleli - NEAF 2005, a visit to Vassar Observatory and Nantucket plate stacks
  • Mike Hill - Glass Room update
  • Joseph Rothchild - Counterbalanced tripod for a 6" scope
  • Virginia Renehan - The Night Sky Network
9/8/2005 Eric Buehrens "Planning and Building an Amateur Roll-Off Roof Observatory" October
10/13/2005 Aaron Price "Drinking From a Firehouse: Getting Astronomy News Online" November
11/10/2005 David Tytell "What's News in Planetary Science: Planets, Comets, Moons, and More" December
12/8/2005 Bob Simcoe and Edward Los Harvard College Observatory's glass plate collection January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/8/2004 Show-and-Tell and Flea Market February
2/12/2004 Glenn Chaple variable star talk March
3/11/2004 Robert Naeye "Go Spirit! Go Opportunity!" April
4/8/2004 Bob Simcoe "Scanning the Historic Sky" May
5/13/2004 Rich Nugent "The Transits of Venus" June
6/10/2004 Larry Candell "The Mars Laser Communications Demonstration Program" July
7/8/2004 Dan Falk "Can the universe be understood in terms of a single theory -- a theory so concise it could fit on a T-shirt?" September
9/9/2004 Tye Brady spoke about Draper's Inertial Stellar Compass (ISC) October
10/14/2004 Dr. James Elliot topic of observing occultation’s of Kuiper Belt Objects and how amateurs can help November
11/11/2004 Dr. Kenneth Janes "One hundred and fifteen years of astronomy at Boston University" December
12/9/2004 Ed Ting "The Best and The Worst: A serious (and not so serious) look at equipment available today for the amateur astronomer" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/9/2003 Dr. Brian Marsden "First discussed a history of observations for objects beyond Neptune, and how various objects (Ceres, Chiron) had been identified as the nth planet orbiting our sun Also talked about first Trans-Neptunian object and described the characteristics and taxonomy of the various objects being discovered in that region of our solar system" February
2/13/2003 ATMoB member night Show and Tell and Flea Market
  • Paul Manning - portrayal of Galileo
  • Lou Cohen - description of his home observatory
  • Max Ben Aarron - descsription of Olbers Paradox
  • Carl Hein - presented on the current state of Light Emmitting Diode (LED) technology
  • Paul Valleli and Bruce Berger down at Winter Star Party – Key West, FL
  • Bruce and Dick Koolish - pictures of the Clark Refractor Refurbishment project
  • Mario Motta - collection of images and experimentation with color
3/13/2003 Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti "SPIDR: A Boston Area Small Explorer Mission" April
4/10/2003 Joe Caruso "The Geologic History of the Moon" May
5/8/2003 Dr. Martha Hazen History of the plates, how they were made and used, how they are being used today, plans to digitize them, and more June
6/12/2003 Ron Dantowitz "High Resolution Imaging Techniques" July
7/10/2003 ATMoB member night Show-and-Tell and Flea Market
  • Joseph Rothchild - experience at the Sky Watchers Inn in Benxon, AZ
  • Mario Motta - plans for new home including observatory
  • Mike Hill - home observatory and solution to local light pollution
  • Gary Walker - experiences with SBIG STV auto guider
  • Charlie McDonald - work he is pursuing with the Project Astro group involving Gamma Ray bursters
  • Hung Pham - latest version of Lunar Map Pro, showing available new features
9/11/2003 Willie Soon "Climate History of the Last 1000 Years: What do we know and what we don’t" October
10/9/2003 Marc T. Daigle overview of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) program November
11/13/2003 Joshua Roth "A New Chapter in Cosmology: Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe" December
12/11/2003 David Aguilar "Telescopes I've Known And Why We Study Astronomy" January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/10/2002 Dr. Sun Kwok Cosmic Butterflies: The Colourful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae February
2/14/2002 Mike Hill and Ed Los "Monitoring Solar Flare Activity with a VLF Radio Receiver (Mike) The McWilliams Magnetometer (Ed)" March
3/14/2002 Dr. Jay Pasachoff The Sun and Solar Eclipses April
4/11/2002 Dr. Josh Winn Gravitational Lenses
Brian Lula An Odyssey In Telescope Making June
6/13/2002 Frank Sienkiewicz MicroObservatory Online Telescopes for Science Education July
7/11/2002 ATMoB member night Show-and-Tell and Flea Market
  • Bruce Gerhard - demonstrated the GlareBuster
  • Mike Hill - demonstrated a spot light shield based on a Sky and Telescope
  • Gary Walker and Lou Cohen - pictures from Hawaii trip for the AAVSO 2002 Spring Meeting
  • Dan Feldkhun - pictures from Baxter State Park Camping trip
  • Michael Carnes - travel scope and modified tripod
9/12/2002 Dr. George R. Ricker Gamma-ray Bursts and the High Energy Transient Explorer October
10/10/2002 Dr. Leonard L. Amburgey Discovery of NEO 2000NM By An Amateur Observer November
11/14/2002 Lew Gramer The Lion's Last Roar: Observing the last Leonid Storm from New England December
12/12/2002 Prof. Alyssa Goodman current understanding of how the interstellar medium forms stars January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/11/2001 Dr. Steve Murray The Chandra X-ray Observatory - What is it, and What is it Seeing? February
2/8/2001 Dr. Alois Mair The Storage of Light March
3/8/2001 Dr. Robert P. Stefanik SETI and the Search for Low Mass Companions to Stars at Oak Ridge Observatory April
4/12/2001 Paul Horowitz FLASH! Searching for Alien Lasers Using Optical SETI May
5/10/2001 John W. Briggs George Ellery Hale's Magnificent Solar Telescopes June
6/14/2001 Gerald Jay Sussman The Magellan I Guider-Probe Controller July
7/12/2001 ATMoB member night Flea Market/Swap Table and Show-and-Tell Stellafane preparation September
9/13/2001 Dr. Avi Loeb The First Stars and their Effect on the Universe October
10/11/2001 Dr. Bryan Gaensler Champagne Supernova in the Sky November
11/8/2001 Fred Baganoff Unveiling the Galactic Center with the Chandra Xray Observatory December
12/13/2001 Dr. Jeremy Heyl Severe Weather on Neutron Stars January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/13/2000 member night
  • Mario Motta - demonstrated homemade filter wheel
  • Bob Collara - showed slides of the fabrication of a 12-inch flat
  • Bob Cohen - showed slides of the grinding machine had made for the clubhouse
  • Peter Bruckner - plans for the new ATMoB roll-off observatory
  • David Aucoin - showcased his new 13"" dobsonian
  • Gerry Sussman - dual design guider of a twin 6.5 telescope located at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile
  • Howard Levaux - experiences viewing the transit of Mercury from Key West Florida
2/10/2000 Tom Calderwood "Adventures in Chandra­Land" March
3/9/2000 Zack Pujic "Observing Jupiter" April
4/13/2000 David Lunt "Design and use considerations for ultra-narrowband filters in solar observations" May
5/11/2000 Kevin Manning design and construction of his club's observatory June
6/8/2000 Dr Philip Morrison "Many Far-off Planets - and Maybe their Astronomers" July
7/13/2000 ATMoB members
  • Bernie Volz - update on solar eclipse trip
  • Gary Jacobson - home made binoculars using two 4 1/2"" reflectors mounted to dobsonian base
  • Gary Walker - tips on how to build an observatory
  • Lew Gramer - spoke about telescopic observations of meteors
  • Mario Motta - presented samples of his astrophotography
9/14/2000 Dr. Robert Donahue solar astronomy October
10/12/2000 David Malin Astrophotography November
11/9/2000 R.P. Hale In Caxtolcuaúhtli Tlatoliztli - A Talk on the Aztec Calendar Round December
12/14/2000 Dr. Andrea Prestwich Making Monsters? Chandra observations of starburst galaxies reveal mid-sized black holes January
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/12/1995 member night
  • Kevin McCarthy - fabricating Schmidt cameras
  • Paul Ciccetti - his technique for drawing lunar features (published in Sky & Telescope)
  • Ken Launie - slides of the Antique Telescope Society's Octoer, 1994 meeting in San Francsico
  • Howard Levaux - slides of his eclipse trip
2/9/1995 Ursula Marvin "A ramble through meteoritics from 1794 to 1994" March
3/9/1995 Dr. Margaret Geller "So Many Galaxies ... So Little Time" April
4/13/1995 Dr. Lawrence Marscall "The Supernova Story" May
5/11/1995 Dr. James Moran studying masers in regions of star formation June
6/8/1995 Dr. Laurence R. Young medical effects of spaceflight July
7/13/1995 member night
  • Marion Hochuli - photographs of the Mir-Space Shuttle passing, attempts to locate Pluto
  • Dick Koolish - showed a 1932 eclipse viewer
  • Joseph Rothchild - observing aids he has implemented to augment his viewing
  • Vlad Vudler and John Reed - photos of the Mir-Shuttle pass over taken from Boston's Museum of Science
  • Mario Motta - slides of telescope making that was part of the partnership in Astronomy program in the Lynnfield School. He also showed slides of deep space objects he took through his 32-inch telescope
  • Gary Walker - presented and explained variable star data he and others had gathered via CCD imaging
9/14/1995 Heidi Hammel "The Catastrophic Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter" October
10/12/1995 Dr. Rudy Schild "The Universe is my Telescope: Gravitational Lenses and Microlensing" November
11/9/1995 Dr. Albert Cameron "Violence in the Early Solar System: Formation of the Moon and Mercury" December
12/14/1995 Dr. John Wood CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW: "Venus after the Magellan Mission" Not Available
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/13/1994 Daniel W. E. Green "Reflections on a bridght fireball seen last August over New England" February
2/10/1994 Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff "The sun and solar eclipses" March
3/10/1994 member night
  • Dick Koolish - information about May 10, 1994 solar eclipse
  • Ed Dougherty - videos of computer generated simulations of the solar eclipse and Shoemaker/Levy-Jupiter
  • Mike Mattei/Eric Johannson - observing the Shoemaker/Levy-Jupiter impact
  • Kevin McCarthy - talked about his compact and portable Desk Top Polishing machine
  • Gary Walker - CCD image of the Wales Tail section of the Horseehad nebula
4/14/1994 Brian Schmidt "Measuring Extragalactic Distances with Supernovae" May
5/12/1994 member night
  • Ted Poulos - downloading satellite images using a home-built antenna to computer
  • Mario Motta - building his 32-inch telescope in his NH observatory
  • Ed Dougherty - video of annular eclipse from Gary Walker's NH observing site
  • Peter Bealo - solar and lunar eclipse photos
  • Bernie Volz - slides on last total lunar eclipse and aurora as seen in Ashland and the Kitt Observatory
  • Vlad Vudler - annular eclipse photos
  • Joe Rothchild - video of the annular eclipse
  • Gary Walker - astrophotos using CCD
6/9/1994 Steve O'Meara "Atmospheric Phenomena" July
7/14/1994 member night "not very much specific information, but included: annular and lunar eclipse photos, CCD images of jupiter and other astrophotographs Rick Berman - spectroscope he built" September
9/8/1994 Kelly Beatty "After the Crash" collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter October
10/13/1994 Robert Kirshner Supernovae Intensive Study (talk on using supernovae to detennine the size of the universe) November
11/10/1994 James Cornell "Selling Astronomy: Public Information, Outreach, and Education" December
12/8/1994 member night "Tales from the November 1994 solar eclipse"
  • Dan Green and Steve O'Meara - Bolivia
  • Bernie Volz and Mario Motta
  • Dennis diCicco - Sky & Telescope
  • Chris Hallas
Meeting Date Speaker Presentation topic
1/14/1993 member night
  • Ed Dougherty, Peter Bealo, Bob Heller - vacuum evaporator project
  • French & Associates (John Gallagher, Jack Frech and John Mosberger) - telescope project in Lynn
  • Tal Mental - slides of the Lynn site
  • Mike Mattei - drawing Mars and current favorable viewing of Mars
  • Mario Motta - Summary of 18' observatory ""from woods to usable observatory in 4 months
  • Gerry Sussman - attempts to collimate one of the 2.4 meter mirrors at Kitt Peak
2/11/1993 Dr. Henry M. Pollock III Vision at Night March
3/11/1993 Dr. Gerald J. Sussman "The Chaotic Motion of the Soalr System" April
4/8/1993 Dr. Rudy Schild "Gravitational Lenses" May
5/13/1993 Scott Milligan and David Kelly "Optical testing for amateur telescope makers" June
6/10/1993 Elizabeth Gavicchi "Painting the Moon" July
7/1/1993 member night
  • Tal Mentall - showed video of Frontline interview of him at clubhouse
  • Gary Walker - what can and can't be done with a CCD camera and telescopes
  • Ed Doughtery - discussion about pixels and film resolution
9/9/1993 Dr. Owen Gingerich The Great Copernicus Chase October
10/14/1993 Dr. Charles Lada Man's quest to understand the nature and origm of the sun and stars November
11/11/1993 Dr. Shadia Habbai "Temperature Structure, Spatial Structure, and Variability of the Emission in the Solar Corona" December
12/9/1993 Gerald Sussman "Repairing a 2.4m telescope" inability to collimate and subsequent repair of the primary mirror's mounting systems of the 2.4 meter Hiltner telescope at Kitt Peak January