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Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
A general interest astronomy club


Are you interested in observing? Below is some information and resources to get you started.

Resources for beginners

There are many ways to get started with amateur astronomy, from humble naked eye observing, to simple binoculars, to high power telescopes.

Observer's challenge

The Observer' s Challenge is an international deep-sky observing report, which allows any serious amateur the opportunity to share notes, sketches and images for a preselected deep-sky object on a monthly basis.

Astronomical Events

Astronomical Events

Observing conditions

Whether you plan on observing naked eye, using binoculars, or a telescope, here are some resources to help make your observing session a success.

Conditions at the clubhouse

You can also see current sky conditions at the clubhouse by viewing our sky camera at the bottom of this page.

Sky condition maps

This map, from, defaults to cloud cover for the area around the clubhouse. You can also choose to see other weather-related conditions like temperature and dew point.

This map, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shows you whether smoke will hinder your observing session. You can enable/disable map layers by clicking on the layers option in the upper right of the browser.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Space Weather site has many resources, including aurora predictions.

This map, from the International Dark-Sky Association, will help you locate a dark site from the "International Dark Sky Places Program."

Clubhouse Sky Camera

Direct Image Link

North up; East right