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April Sky

Observing Committee
Sat 1 Mercury at Greatest Eastern (Evening) Elongation. Look low in the west 40 minutes after sunset.
Mon 3 First Quarter Moon at 2:39pm EDT
Thu 6 Regulus shines close to a waxing gibbous moon tonight.
Fri 7 Jupiter at Opposition
Mon 10 Jupiter and a near-full Moon appear together in the ESE sky after sunset.
Tue 11
Full (Pink) Moon at 2:08am EDT
Sun 16 Saturn can be seen below and to the left of a waning gibbous Moon in the morning sky.
Wed 19
Last Quarter Moon at 5:57am EDT
Thu 20 Mercury at inferior conjunction
Sat 22 Lyrid Meteors reach peak activity (~10-20/hour) in the early morning hours
Wed 26
New Moon at 8:16am EDT

Planets in April

Mercury Mercury is at Greatest Eastern (evening) Elongation on the 1st, but quickly disappears 
into the glare of the setting sun by mid-month.
Venus After last month’s inferior conjunction, Venus establishes itself as the dominant object (the Moon excluded) in the morning sky.
Mars Mars, moving from Aries into Taurus, is slowly slipping into the glare of the setting sun. Look low in the WNW after sunset.
Jupiter In Virgo near the first magnitude star Spica, Jupiter, reaches opposition on the 7th and is visible in the sky all night long.
Saturn In Sagittarius this month, Saturn rises in the middle of the night and is well-place in the southern sky before sunrise.