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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Launch of Terrier-Improved Malemute-Vapor Deployment Test, NASA Wallops, 6/29/17, 4:25AMET. (Pics taken from Waldorf, MD)
Wallops launch Peter J Teague
1 photos - updated 6/29/2017
Various Lunar images using an Orion xT10i Dobsonian reflector, Televue Ethos 6mm, 10mm or 13mm eyepieces, Orion variable polarizing filter and iPhone SE on a Televue PhoneMate smartphone mount.
Lunar Photos Jim Mahoney
7 photos - updated 6/11/2017
From May 26 through the 29th me and Philip Rounseville went camping in Arcadia National Park. The skies here are very dark. We got some nice weather despite the Omega block jet stream.
Arcadia National Park trip 2017 Joseph D. Wolfe
1 photos - updated 6/8/2017
Astrophotos taken with a DSLR cameran through many lenses and telescopes
Astrophotos (DSLR) - Al Takeda
2 photos - updated 5/26/2017
Astrophotos - Joseph Rothchild Joseph Rothchild
3 photos - updated 5/19/2017
Clubhouse-Images John E Blomquist
3 photos - updated 4/30/2017
Astro images taken over the years.
Astro-Images John E Blomquist
38 photos - updated 4/30/2017
Wingaersheek Observatory, Goucester MA
astrophotos-Messier Catalog Mario E Motta M.D.
110 photos - updated 2/1/2017
Astrophotography by Chris Elledge
Astrophotography Christopher L Elledge
5 photos - updated 2/1/2017
Astrophotos Tom McDonagh
1 photos - updated 1/20/2017
Individual pictures relating to astrophotography or the club that don't fit in their own album.
Messin' Around Charles E Leiserson, Jr.
3 photos - updated 1/18/2017
Astronight Astrophotography John Buonomo
14 photos - updated 1/17/2017
Thank You letters from students at the Center School Star Party in November 2016.
Center School Star Party 2016
42 photos - updated 1/17/2017
Nielsen Photos
AstroPhotos G. Petur Nielsen
1 photos - updated 12/18/2016
Pictures from some star parties to test the photo album
Brewster's star party pictures Brewster LaMacchia
4 photos - updated 8/17/2016
Bruce Berger's Photo Album
1 photos - updated 6/9/2016