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October Sky

Observing Committee
Thu 5
Venus and Mars are 0.2 degrees apart this morning. Look low on the East 40 minutes before sunrise.
Full (Hunter’s) Moon at 2:40pm EDT.
Sun 8 Mercury at superior conjunction.
Thu 12 Last Quarter Moon at 8:25am EDT.
Sun 15 Regulus occulted by the Moon. Even runs from 5:49 to 6:43am EDT
Tue 17 Mars and a thin waning crescent Moon shine side by side and above Venus in the morning sky. Look East an hour before sunrise.
Thu 19 New Moon at 3:12pm EDT.
Uranus at opposition in Pisces
Sat 21 Orionid Meteors peak. Moonlight won't affect this shower, which peaks in the early morning hours. Expect about 20 meteors per hour.
Mon 23
Tue 24
A waxing crescent Moon passes by Saturn on these evenings.
Thu 26 Jupiter in conjunction with the Sun.
Fri 27 First Quarter Moon at 6:22pm EDT.

Mercury Poorly seen this month (superior conjunction on the 8th).

Venus is beginning to drop towards the rising sun, but still dominates the morning sky. A remarkable pair-up with Mars occurs on the 5th.

Mars passes from Leo into Virgo after its conjunction with Venus.

Jupiter not visible this month (conjunction on the 26th).

Saturn shines in Ophiuchus, high above the West horizon after sunset.