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August Sky

Observing Committee
Wed 2
Saturn and a waxing gibbous Moon pair up in the S sky after sunset
Mon 7 Full (Sturgeon) Moon at 2:11pm EDT.
Sat 12 Perseid meteors peak in the early morning hours. A waning gibbous Moon interferes.
Mon 14 Last Quarter Moon at 9:15pm EDT
Sat 19 Venus and a thin waning crescent Moon shine together in the predawn sky
Mon 21 New Moon at 2:30pm EDT GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE!!!
A waxing crescent Moon passes by Jupiter and Spice on these evenings
Sat 26 Mercury at inferior conjunction
Tue 29 First Quarter Moon at 4:13am EDT. It shines next to Saturn on this evening and the next.

Mercury is barely visible low in the W to WSW shortly after sunset during the first part of August. Binoculars will help.

Venus dominates the morning sky, rising 3 hours before the sun.

Mars, just past conjunction is still not visible

Jupiter continues dropping towards the WSW after sunset

Saturn, in Ophiuchus, appears low in the S sky after sunset