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February Sky

Observing Committee
Fri 3 First Quarter Moon at 11:19pm EST
Fri 10
Full (Snow) Moon at 7:33pm EST (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)
Wed 15
A waning gibbous Moon joins Jupiter and Spica in the pre-dawn sky. Look SW an hour before sunrise.
Sat 18
Last Quarter Moon at 2:33pm EST
A waning crescent Moon shines near Saturn on these mornings. Look SSWan hour before sunrise.
Sun 26
New Moon at 9:58am EST
Mars and Uranus are less than one degree apart this evening.

Planets in February

Mercury Mercury is in the morning sky this month, but too low to be readily seen.
Venus Venus continues to dominate the early evening sky and remains visible 3½ to 4 hours after sunset.
Mars Mars, in Pisces, shares the evening sky with Venus and sets less than an hour later.
Jupiter In Virgo near the first magnitude star Spica, Jupiter, rises around 11pm on the 1st, 2 hours earlier by month’s end.
Saturn Moving from Ophiuchus into Sagittarius late in the month, Saturn rises 3 to 4 hours before the sun and appears low in the SSE sky at dawn.